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The vanity light is a kind of item in the bathroom, which most of the time remains unnoticed. We mainly use artificial vanity light when no natural source of light is available. We also know the fact that without good lighting, the overall grace of the bathroom can’t be defined.

Vanity lights in the powder room vary a lot depending on the size of vanity and the mirror. You may install a row of ceiling light or only one above the cabinet. Proper illumination without shadows in the bathroom must be ensured, as this is a place for grooming, shaving and styling hair.

Now, coming to the types of artificial lighting, you can consider for your bathroom.

Ambient lighting: Wall candlestick, chandeliers, wall-mounted LED’s are the types of general lighting which brighten the overall area of the room. With this lighting type, you can move safely in the room without any accident. Ambient lights can be controlled with the help of a dimmer installed on the switchboard. You can increase and decrease the intensity of light according to your mood.

Task lighting: As the name signifies, it beams light in a particular direction or area with an intention to serve a particular task. This will not light the complete room. It is useful for shaving, applying makeup on the face, exercising on a treadmill and reading magazines when in the bathtub. Use wall brackets on the sides of the mirror or above the vanity to get proper lighting on the face from both sides.

Accent lighting: This is a kind of light, which reproduces a particular visual drama and atmosphere in the comfort station. If there is something decorative available in the room, then these lights will provide focus to that particular item. You can consider track light to focus attention on decorative items and provide a soothing environment to enjoy bathing in the tub.

Decorative lighting: These draws the attention of the user towards themselves and create an effect. Lighting items like chandelier, fireplace, candle, and candelabra are all examples of decorative lighting. Select that bulb for the vanity, which provides light in the natural daylight. If you are using white or yellow light, then you will not able to certain how you will look in the normal daylight outside the bathroom. So, always select different colors for decorative lighting.

There are plenty of options available on the market for vanity lights. It all depends on your budget, and how well you are aware of it. Just as the lavish dip in the tub is an immense way to begin or end the day, the lighting also provides a cozy feeling in the bathroom.


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